Tablish is a digital publishing platform which enables users to self publish their own magazines, catalogues and brochures into their own branded app. The Tablish solution has been developed to make the publishing process as easy as possible while giving users the highest quality reading experience available.

We provide a high quality, cost and time effective solution to get any printed material to mobile devices. There are 2 aspects to our service, firstly we create and submit your branded apps to appear in the relevant app store. The Apps consists of a library page where your users can download your latest issue. Once they have downloaded the issue they can then view it within the App. There is also the option for the user to subscribe to the publication so that they can receive it at a reduced rate and also the latest issue will download automatically to their device. If the publication is free there is also an option for free subscription.

Secondly, we provide you with all the tools you need to manage your issues. You simply upload your PDF to the Tablish web based platform which converts it and makes it App ready. Then you can use the Tablish Editor to add any video, hyperlinks, audio, additional images and hotspots if required. You can also choose how your issue is viewed in landscape (double page spread, dedicated landscape, or scrolling full page). No technical knowledge is required to use the software but we do provide training via a screen share to make things easier for you.

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